Eltrac Koalar

Never believe in god but yourself.

Hi, guys! My name is Eltrac Koalar, you can just call me Eltrac. Since I'm from China, my Chinese friends usually call me "阔落", which is a funny way to say "Cola". Anyway, it's glad to meet you here!

I'm a programmer who's learning Front-end, PHP and Unity. Also, I would like to make my own video games one day and I've already got an idea about a great RPG game named Karma. Now I'm still a student, working on my Typecho theme Miracles and some interesting stuff. If you're glad, you can visit my GitHub profile page to see all of my projects. I also have a orgization on GitHub, it's called Artimes which gets its name from the goddes Artemis. Artimes is committed to making everything simple, static and artistic and I hope to see it grow.

Besides programming, I like playing video games like Undertale(which inspired me to create Karma), Minecraft, Don't Starve and etc.. When I'm free, I watch animes and movies from time to time, Lately, I'm tryna catch up on some classic American animes like Futurama and the Simpsons. Also, Rick and morty & some other Japanese manga are my favorite, too.

I keep a blog but it's in Chinese. If you're interested, you can check it out. I would like to make friends with all kinds of people from the world. So if you wanna befriend talk something intersting with me, you can get in touch with me via Telegram or Twitter(usually Chinese tweets).